Warrenton Orthodontics: Boost Your Confidence & Prioritize Your Oral Health with a Full-Mouth Restoration

At Harris Legacy Dentistry in Warrenton, our team understands the restorative and rejuvenating effect a full-mouth restoration can provide. Whether you want to strengthen your oral health or boost your speaking and smiling confidence, call us today to learn more!

What Is A Full-Mouth Restoration?

A full mouth restoration in Warrenton involves rebuilding a patient’s mouth to improve their oral health and enhance their smile. This comprehensive service can address issues related to broken teeth, tooth loss, decay, gum disease, and more. It can also help restore and improve a patient’s bite and jaw alignment.

What Services Are Involved?

While the services will depend on the patient's needs, they may include dental fillings, crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, periodontal care, and more. Treatment often takes place over several visits and depends on each patient's needs and goals.

What Benefits Are Associated With This Service?

There are many! In addition to improving your oral health, a full-mouth restoration can boost your smiling and speaking confidence, rejuvenate your chewing function, and benefit your nutritional intake. It can also help ensure that your teeth are correctly aligned, making maintaining good oral hygiene practices easier.

Who Should Consider A Full-Mouth Restoration?

Patients with severely damaged teeth, misaligned bites, tooth loss, gum disease, and more will likely benefit from a full-mouth restoration. If you suspect this service might be right for you, our Harris Legacy Dentistry experts will be happy to assess your needs and make recommendations to suit your needs.

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  • Replace one or more missing teeth
  • Repair damage caused by decay, injury, or gum disease
  • Improve the functionality of your bite
  • Correct tooth misalignment & discoloration
  • Take your smiling confidence to the next level!

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